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  Just listening to Daft Punks live CD ALIVE!, i kind of feel like frampton, with frampton alive!
Well, I dont feel like frampton, i dont have curly golden locks, and no, I dont know how to use a wah wah peddle anyways,

im going to fill my boudoir of the nations, got to try every nationality, i mean how else will i know which grocery aisle to hang out it, you know, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Honduran, Brasilian, hell maybe even a lil smorgasbord. But thats not where its at. Im definately a tropic of cancer or capricorn guy.

Well party on Wayne, party on Garth. Anywho, hopefuly my dance card is filled for the night. 
So how do you feel about uncut dicks, 
I think they are boner inspiring. Thats why I like to go for the ones I know will be uncut, cause in the Eastern and Southern worlds, they are only circumsised if they are Jewish, and thats a big deal for them, like getting the foreskin removed, you know there are  bands of angry men that want their foreskin back, stating that it wasn't fair , and not their choice.  I knew somebody that pierced his dickhole or whatever and was stretching his dick skin over his head. Interesting to say the least, like FreakSquad, with the foreskin monster, omg. 
Well this will be my dick rant, anywhoo.

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