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The first day of October

So not only did my dad tell me I'm "gaining weight," put he also is losing his friggin mind. I shouldn't be upset because its just the senility talking.
I felt like I was my aunt talking to her mother. "aggie, you're losin it"
  Just staying with my dad a little more often then before. My stepma went back to South Africa. There was a huge ordeal concerning her transit thru the UK. But she ended up being forced to leave England right away and fly to Johannesburg.
Now she's gone and my dad retired he likes to have someone else in the house.. so ive stayed here a couple days here and there..
no privacy at all really, but theres the internet.  hes just too high strung.  I dont want to end up like either one of my parents, and  you know how people affect your demeanor... well whatever with that.  you're going to eat more when they are snack sized!
 a cool nordic phrase i found on youtube when i was watching a lillian verner sketch from Madtv..
"Bare si det, fa det ut!"    Say it dont spray it! 

 my dads excitement for Jeff Dunham in annoying. when he takes his "pills" he's even more enthusiastically aggravating.

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