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symbolism is everywhere.

Well theres no turning back a now. The rain and wind has taken most of the leaves that were turning. The sugar maple in my backyard at my ma's will begin to change very soon.  The ones on the court turned mircalously overnight. So now its a circle of yellow leaf.
Last nite did turn out! Although it was after 9, I was still not disappointed.   Well, maybe till later. When we went for a walk around midnight.
We went down the south river trail and crossed the lawe street bridge.  Surprisingly, I dont even remember climbing the hill to get to the other side. I must've been quite enthralled with my company.  Of course  the convo turns to things I dont want to talk about.  and frankly, something you don't discuss in the first few times, when you are somewhat. i dont know, interested? 
Between, relatationships making him want to jump out of a window, (doubtlessly only a two story, for dramatic affect)  and the fact that he will not say I am the best kisser... makes me sortof just... cold to the situation.  I  guess I don't care for a chase.  I want unconditional love.  Something that flows naturally..  I don't know.  Im just excited and havent been at work so I have a lot of time to think these last weeks.
We had found a pristine yet brittle leaf in the street. Perfect shape of a heart.  He told me he used to believe in stuff like that... I still do..

I dare not speak of my other situation, fore, that is my one diving force that sends me to a sad, lethargic place.

Watching EXTRAS now. With Ricky Gervais, and John Merchant. Jon Plowman produces it, just like he did AbFab.  Its bloody brilliant.
Really enjoy this show.  Play it cool is my motto now.. pretty 1985, but tit is.
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