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Indian summer...

 On Monday I had to go to hospital to get 4 stitches. I was washing the tomato slicer and then all of a sudden I just had this pain and blood.
Literally bled for 30 minutes. By then my dad had arrived and whisked me away to AMC. I camed back to had my boss a copy of the form from the hospital, since its being covered on their insurance. I ended up getting back to work two hours later.. finishing up my three hours shift as today was my first day back at work again, just for a two hours lunch shift.. (very graciously my coworker switched for my fiver) 
There were a few customers that seemed concerned for my finger., mostly ladies. I told one that I had to go back in next wednesday to get the stitches removed.. then she said "oh they wont dissolve"  and then I told her something or other about how when I fell of my bike when I was like 9 or something I had to get stitches in my chin and I had to go back in a few weeks later to get them removed..,, One stitch remains and no hair grows there at all.. so i can visibly see the one black thread..  Anywho.  It sucks, im frustrated. My memoirs on my old computer are gone, so i got a new one yesterday too.. Im not that excited because its windows 7.. and im finally maybe getting used to typing on this wretched thing,
I want to get NetFlix or something.. seems like the only way to watch abunch of obscuro films,  or maybe the TMC or AMC subscriptions...
any suggestions from anyone?

I finally bought an adorable 4" ivy,, made me happy,, then i was made happy again yesterday when I went to Home Depot and purchased two adorable 4" false aralias.. the bianca.Came this close to buying a Kumquat tree.. . . . .. I wish I got that Kumquat tree, maybe later.  Cause I totally feel like Im an indoor gardener because Ive watched martha stewart Living on the Hallmark  channel.  I saw the episode about her green house and her Meyer Lemon trees and her Kumquats, respectively, Limes even, gurrrrrrlllll.
Been addicted to the  new cable.. watching HUB for JEM! I love it.

Its beautiful here, 70s and sunny all week,, especially with all the fall colors. The sky is just beautifully painted by an arboristic show of their impending hibernation. The flashy colors fall to the green grass in a flurry amongst the every so rolling winds,
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