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year of the cat

    I am amazed about how live must've been back when everything was nickels and dimes.  Right now I have 11 pennies and 1 nickel. Im just thinking to myself, what could I have gotten? Knowing me it wouldve all been spent up on sugary snacks or something. Maybe a different time at peepshows. Like, if there were any good male reviews.
Being at my dads is just so I dunno.  Really great at times, I can't help but reminisce. Now especially with Al Stewart "End of the Day" playing.  I heard it on 91.1 the Avenue. And guessed it was him; or Michael Franks. But my ear took me directly to Al.  Its a song I can imagine playing at my wedding reception. Holding whoever so close. And like having this real true emotion for somebody. Like loving them wholly. Hm.I was going to make a new youtube folder, and it is going to be my wedding treatment for the DJ. 
    Anywho, got swept away in sensuality.. i was repeatedly listening to 10.000 maniacs "like the weather." Unplugged. At home in my basement. But Im listening to this different version and it just funny. Like this was when Natalie Merchant was really over singing Maniac songs. I do that tho obsessively listen to a certain song over and over. Maybe like a dozen times. I cant even keep track its so many it seems. 
    That and Wildman by Kate Bush. Again I listened to it on youtube and it was poor quality.on that note ive also am listening to these kate bush b-sides that are amazing!! Really good. Would like to capture them somehow. I'll see if any of them are in This Woman's Work boxset.  
      I could ramble on forever it seems. When people IM you, and you dont know them. thats not right , right? Like that is some a scheme. I just feel like it has to be. cmon. 24/F ? I dont have anybody that fits that description and someone i wouldnt know having my user name. . is fishy. speaking of fishy I love my cat Eddie As soon as I get a digital camera over by him I will upload them for sure. He is just over a year now.  And he is so charming and ferral.I miss him when Im away. I didnt think I would be like that. Cats arent like dogs. thats for sure,

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